RWM Translation Services

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Our flexible and tailored approach is what sets RWM Translation Services apart

A single contact from quote to delivery:

  • Dedicated translators and proofreaders who follow your company’s progress and respect your preferred terminology,
  • Ongoing communication with your own project managers to ensure your needs are always met and to include your last minute changes.

Throughout the process we never lose sight of the ultimate aim – an accurate translation, tailored to your readership and delivered on time.

Guaranteed confidentiality and secure communications

We guarantee complete confidentiality in relation to the documents entrusted to us. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting any project. 

A billing schedule adapted to your financial communication needs

Since every company’s financial communication follows a different pattern, you can choose to be invoiced on a per contract basis whilst we get used to working together, or you may prefer to sign an annual contract, which offers more budgetary certainty.

Our annual contracts can be adjusted to your specific requirements. For example, a typical contract may include:

  • 6 – 8 press releases per year (earnings announcements, shareholder transactions, board appointments, etc.); and
  • 2 analysts’ presentations (annual and half-year results).

A contract of this nature allows you to benefit from a discount compared to invoicing on a per project basis.
Annual and half-year reports are usually subject to a separate arrangement.